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Our expertise

AETS is an international consulting company that works alongside governments and the private and public sectors to offer sustainable solutions for improving living conditions in Europe and in developing and emerging countries.

In these development projects, we put our know-how into practice through feasibility studies, capacity-building projects, project cycle management services, project ownership support, cost-benefit analyses and public-private partnerships.

Our service offer also comprises auditing, monitoring and evaluation, strategy and organisation consulting, and professional training courses.

AETS has a large portfolio of clients that includes private clients, local institutions and major financial backers such as the World Bank, the European Commission, the United Nations, the French Development Agency and Regional Development Banks (Africa, Asia, Latin America, etc.).


AETS was created in 1997 by a small group of experts in partnership with Apave SudEurope, which despite being a minority shareholder at the time was nevertheless a key partner.

Owing to the know-how and expertise of the AETS pioneers, activities developed very rapidly in France and abroad, particularly in the countries of Eastern Europe applying for membership in the European Union – obtained in 2004.

AETS provided support to these countries by helping them take on board the specificities of domains contained in the Acquis Communautaire and ultimately adopt Union member state practices – both in terms of the technical aspects and application of financial, economic and even legal parameters – in areas such as the environment, safety and quality, risk management, cutting-edge technologies and innovation.

The first projects set up were those that directly addressed quality and safety, mostly in the agri-food sector. They were followed by energy, the environment – particularly water and the climate – health and food safety, industrial safety and good governance and management techniques.

Today, AETS is a leading European consultancy firm in its specialist fields: it employs around 50 people at headquarters, plus the full-time equivalent of 120 people worldwide to carry out projects, some of which are directly managed in its affiliates and representative bodies located in over 40 different countries.

AETS offers its consultancy services upstream of the strategic investment commitment process and of the major institutional reforms that authorise implementation of these investments for the execution of projects with national and international reach.

AETS continues to consolidate its service offer and sustain its actions in order to propose innovative services in domains crucial for the future of our planet – especially the climate, water, energy and sufficient and good quality food for all – while providing the cross-functional elements critical to ensuring success.


AETS actions are rooted in values fundamental to the people and projects it commits to; a set of values applied on a daily basis and shared by all our colleagues and partners worldwide. They involve remaining attentive to our clients' needs and striving to show flexibility and responsiveness, initiative, ambition, boldness and creativity. They are embodied by our capacity to create an innovative service offer and suitable solutions, as well as a code of ethics focused on the people, trust, integrity and commitment that are intrinsic to our relations with our clients and partners.

In addition, our professional approach is structured by values that underpin the company's activities. Our international dimension gives us a gateway to the world, which combined with the diversity of our know-how and professionalism, enables us to ensure the quality and relevance of results. AETS has a strict framework centred on a continuous improvement approach and develops counselling and training services that fully comply with current technical and economic requirements.

AETS is ISO 9001:2008-certified, confirmation that it respects the requirements of ISO standard 9001 and efficiently applies the rules it describes. This system evaluates the efficiency of actions so that they can be justified or possible solutions for improvement found in order to satisfy the client or enhance the company's performance.


APAVE helps companies and local authorities manage their technical, human and environmental risks through a comprehensive range of services: inspection, construction, tests and measurements, training and consultancy. Their aim is to improve safety for personnel and assets, protect the environment and optimise organisational efficiency.

Some 200,000 clients in France and abroad turn to APAVE to help them reduce their risks. Each and every day, our 10,780 risk management professionals and 8,000 engineers and technicians are proud to fulfil the critical missions entrusted to them.

APAVE is present on a national scale in France and in the overseas territories and has built up an efficient local network comprising 130 agencies, 170 training centres and platforms and 31 laboratories and test centres.

Drawing on its 48 affiliates and partnerships throughout Europe, Asia, the Middle East, the Indian Ocean and Africa, APAVE is gaining access to buoyant international markets such as oil & gas, large industrial and civil infrastructures and civil engineering.