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Thierry SCHOLLEHead of department
tel :+33(0)5 59 72 43 23

Sebastien RAHOUX Director Rural Development, Food & Nutrition
phone : +33(0)5 59 72 43 23

Pietro D’ELIAHead Animal Health and Welfare
phone : +33(0)5 59 72 43 23

Latests Projects


PCM - Formulation of EU-funded action on Responsible Value Chains in Asia


Gap Analysis between the Moroccan law and European regulations in the SPS area


Service for the organization of a full-day public seminar on EU regulations on Food Contact Material

Health & Safety


Food Safety and plant health

  • Food and phytosanitary standards (Codex, IPPC)
  • Risk assessment, risk management and risk communication
  • Official controls: inspection, sampling, analysis, control plans (residues and contaminants)
  • Comprehensive hygiene management and HACCP systems
  • Traceability systems
  • Rapid alert systems (RASFF) and crisis management
  • Consumer awareness and information

Animal health and welfare

  • Eu legislation and international standards (OIE)
  • Official control operations
  • Management of infectious animal disease and prophylaxis campaigns
  • Compartmentalisation

Occupational Safety and Health

  • Risk assessment policies and OSH legislation
  • Risk analyses and studies
  • Personal protective equipment
  • OSH management systems and norms
  • OSH monitoring systems

Industrial Safety

  • Eu regulations and international standards
  • Safety of industrial installations & activities: oil & gas, chemistry, pharmaceuticals...
  • Impact and safety reports

Labour and social protection

  • Labour policies and laws
  • Organisation and operation of official control bodies
  • Social dialogue
  • Monitoring and control systems