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AETS Awarded 4-Year BTSF Project by the European Commission

AETS Awarded 4-Year BTSF Project by the European Commission

The topic of food improvement agents (FIA) has been regulated since 2008 by legislation that addresses uniformed rules for approving and registering authorised substances, as well specific rules for the use of food additives, flavourings and enzymes. Following the entry into force of these regulations, the EU has orchestrated training courses under its Better Training for Safer Food (BTSF) initiative, since 2011. The latest BTSF training course regarding food improvement agents is part of the project: Organisation and implementation of training activities on the legislation and control of food improvement agents in the EU under the "BTSF" initiative, which has recently been awarded to an AETS-led consortium. The consortium includes NSF Euro Consultants, AESA and AINIA.

The project involves two distinct training programmes (Course A and B, see below) which will be presented during 28 four-day training courses (20 and 8, respectively) throughout Europe, with a total of 840 attendees (originating from the EU member states, candidate countries, selected European Neighbourhood Policy countries and potential candidate countries) expected.

The training programme will be split into 2 courses, as follows:

Course A: will feature case studies regarding how to apply the harmonised regulation, theoretical and practical training regarding common characteristics of FIA, quantum satis and carry over principles, and modules which will specifically deal with food additives, flavourings and enzymes.

Course B: will address the steps involved in the planning, implementation and monitoring of official controls on FIA, and will feature the development of a pedagogical project in which participants should gradually develop a comprehensive control plan for a specific food chain.