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AETS Leads Quality Systems Audit Project in Ivory Coast

AETS Leads Quality Systems Audit Project in Ivory Coast

AETS is currently leading a project, funded by the African Development Bank, in the Ivory Coast. The 5-month project, which debuted in July 2018, is entitled “Audit of the Quality Systems of the following Products: 1) Mineral water, fruit juice and other drinks, 2) Culinary broths, 3) Edible oils, mayonnaise and margarine” and will comprise 37 man-days in the area of Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP).

AETS will be implementing this consulting programme which falls under the scope of the Project to Support the Improvement of the Industrial Sector’s Competitiveness (PARCSI, French acronym), and is closely linked to the National Restructuring and Upgrading Plan of the Republic of Ivory Coast. The project aims to enable four companies to receive the NI (National Certification of Compliance) certification, an Ivorian quality label which is valid for three years and is internationally recognised, for their products. The NI certification goes hand in hand with the improvement of the products’ quality, better market transparency, and represents a good selling point by improving the brand’s image.

AETS has provided a team of three Ivorian food safety experts who exceed the required criteria and are currently conducting the audit of the quality systems of nine different products from five agri-food industries, including:

Lot 1: Mineral water, fruit juices and other drinks

Lot 2: Culinary broths

Lot 3: Edible oils, mayonnaise and margarine

The Ivorian experts contracted by AETS are the following: Mr. David Akaki Koffi as key coordinating expert in charge of Lot 3; Mr. Fabrice Tetchi in charge of Lot 1; and Mr. Marc Adou in charge of Lot 2.